Thursday, January 7, 2016

Continued improvement updated

I don't know if anyone still reads this blog or cares to keep up with my story but I this thought I would give anyone an update who was wondering. Around February of 2014 I was given a spinal tap in order to test for some things that may have been causing the migraines. Each thing came back negative for the disease and yet for some reason my migraines went away for a time.  However, that was only temporary although I am extremely grateful for that time of sweet relief.  I began working at the temple cleaning at night and one night the dizziness and the migraine that developed got to be so bad that I almost passed out at work and needed to be driven home.  From that point on I was terrified every time that I experienced some of the symptoms that it was the start of the long road of a constant migraine again.  The headaches returned and more tests were completed all yielding no substantial results.  This past year 2015 I decided to undergo an operation that will hopefully rid myself of this pain as well as improve many aspects of my life while learning more about myself and my risk if breast cancer. I decided to undergo a breast reduction to reduce the pressure on my spine as well as on the rest of my body. The tissue has been sent to pathology to be tested for cancer as well as other abnormalities and I am currently in the recovery phase.  I am very grateful for modern medicine and I know it will be a long journey but eventually I hope to find an end to the migraines, dizziness, numbness, chest pain, and pcos. I am also very grateful for the priesthood as I was given a blessing by my father and his friend before I went in for surgery. This helped to calm some of my nerves and fears and helped me to breathe a little easier before the surgery. Thank you all for your continued support on my journey

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