Monday, October 7, 2013

Hello Everyone!
Are you ready to start another new week?
I really hope that many of you were able to watch the Semi-Annual LDS General Conference this Saturday and Sunday.  It was amazing!  One of the best ones that I have watched in a while.  For those of you who haven't had the opportunity, it is available online at  you can type it in the search box for easy access.
Conference is great because it is a time where the Prophet who is on the earth today, as well as the 12 apostles and others who have been called of God, speak to the world, the world just needs to listen.
The topics were all sought out, studied, and pondered.  None of the speakers were given a topic and yet they all worked together to edify all those who heeded their words.
I know that many people can get something different out of each talk than that which I got, that's the way that the spirit speaks to individuals.. however, I wanted to focus on the 3 main themes that I felt were running through each session of conference.
1. Family
2. Missionary work in ALL forms and places
3. Utilizing the Atonement.
In regards to family, the family is being attacked... more and more people are choosing to delay creating a family, they are choosing to work crazy hours instead of spend family time, they are choosing to degrade the role of the family today.  I am saddened by all of the broken homes that I see as I am out here.  I am saddened by the choices that some people choose to make simply because they don't think of the consequences for others they just think of the temporary joy that they can get.
I know that families are supposed to be together forever and they can and will be if founded upon the proper teachings and principles of the Gospel.  I know that I am part of an eternal family and if I live a righteous life, I will return to live with my Father in Heaven again as well as with my family and loved ones.
2.  You don't need to wear a black name badge on your shirt to be a missionary.  Paint it on your heart instead.  Elder Edward Dube, in the Saturday Morning Session said, "In the work of the Lord, it doesn't matter WHERE you serve but HOW  you serve."  Serve others will all of your might mind, strength and heart and I testify to you that you will be greatly blessed.
3. The atonement is one of the most unused gifts we have been given... no, it is not a free gift.  Jesus Christ, our brother, suffered in order to provide that gift for us.  He paid the price so that we might not suffer as much as we would have had to when we sin.  He paid that price so that we could become clean again and one day return to live with our Father in Heaven and receive eternal joy.  He did what he did out of love.
Yes, because of the Atonement (the perfect life of Jesus Christ, the suffering in Gethsemane and on the Cross, the resurrection of Jesus Christ) we will live again.  All of us on earth will be resurrected.  All of us will be restored to our perfect state with our spirit in our body however... only those who keep God's commandments, live faithfully and actually utilize the Atonement when mistakes are made, and we all make mistakes (President Uchtdorf talked about this on Saturday as well) will be able to truly be saved and inherit the kingdom of God.  We need to use the give that he gave us or his suffering was and is in vain.
I love you all! Please watch conference if you havent, and if you have, it doesnt hurt to watch it again.
Sister Bricker

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