Monday, August 19, 2013


First off, I want to apologize for my most recent posts.  They haven't been very insightful and they haven't really held any value in regards to the work that I have been called to accomplish.  This is going to change from this moment on.
This week contained a lot of little changes.  One of which is a new rule in dress and appearance.  Missionaries are now not allowed to have backpacks but must have shoulder bags that can protect and house something that is Ipad size.
We are also allowed and encouraged to wear more trendy styles in order to blend into the more modern professional look that we have been asked to portray. 
Another little change that took place was that in regards to my outlook on things.  For a while now I have been looking at challenges as being attacks from the adversary, the opposition that comes when you are doing good.  I have now changed that.  Challenges are not always things that are supposed to tear you down.  More often than not, challenges and adversity are wondrous gifts from a loving Father in Heaven who wants you to grow.  You cannot grow and be strengthened without there being opposition.  Every challenge that comes I see as a gift because Heavenly Father knows that I can handle it, with His help, and it will be a growing and learning experience for me.
I am not saying in any way shape or form that one should pray for challenges.  If you pray from them, be expecting some big ones, but I am trying to say that challenges can either squish you and pull you down or you can climb the hill that has been placed in your path and end up with a gorgeous view while standing on high ground, stronger than you were before.
The last change I want to talk about today is a change that has yet to take place but it is something that I assume will be happening soon.  As a missionary, we go through things called transfers.  These take place every 6 weeks and each transfer is an opportunity for either you or the person you are working with (we refer to them as companions but they are co workers and roommates) to leave the area you are serving in and go somewhere new with all new people and new experiences.  For a while I was not looking forward to this aspect of mission life... you get to know the people in one area, you love them and you see the progress that they are making and then all of a sudden you have to move away and trust other people to take care of these people that you had been taking care of for a while.   It wasn't something I looked forward to but now I see the beauty in this change.
Each area that you are blessed to serve in increases the love that you have for all people because you still love those you served before and you want to love those you are serving now.  It also provides a new perspective on things and some answers you may have been looking for to help the people in your previous area may be much easier to find in the new area.
I am feeling very strongly that I may be leaving the area that I have been serving in since April and I have come to accept that as being the case.  If I don't leave and I am blessed to stay here another 6 weeks that will be great and I will find joy in that as well.  For now however, I will serve those I have been called to serve with all my heart might mind and strength  and work until I can't work anymore.  I know that I have been called to serve in this area for a reason and I will find joy in the journey as well as in the destination.
I love all of you!  I want you all to know that the atonement is real, that Jesus Christ died for you individually.  If you were the only person on the earth Christ would come down and go through all of that pain just so that you could have the opportunity to return to live with our Father in Heaven.  No mistake is too big, no repentance is too late, start now and search for the truth.  Once you have the truth, dig deeper, there is always more to find, always more to learn and to understand in your heart and your mind.
Hermana (Sister) Bricker

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