Monday, July 29, 2013

"Work like an employee and baptize like a boss"

Hello Everyone!
What a week it has been here in this area.  Some people may wonder why the title is what it is.. well.. that's simple.. An elder I served with at the MTC said that in an email to me and it made my day so I thought I would share it.
This week has been extremely crazy!  We had exchanges which is where another companionship (2 sister missionaries) from another area come and spend the night and work with each of us individually during our teaching appointments.  It is a great way to work with someone new and gain a new perspective on the work and how to help different people that you are teaching.  Because we had exchanges and I am senior companion, I had to plan for them and that basically means planning for 2 days activities that will take place in 1 day because there are 2 sets of missionaries working. 
Then, I had been asked to do a training during district meeting.  District meeting is where missionaries from a couple of different areas meet together (it usually happens once a week) and go over goals, things going on in our area, and then have 2 trainings where were are taught a new way to teach something.   The training I did was on Revelation through Prayer.
I was stressed this week and preparing for this training was one of the things that kept me going.  I know that Heavenly Father Answers our prayers.  I know that prayers are answered because our Father in Heaven trusts us to act upon those answers.  He won't always give us the answer that we want but the answers are given out of trust.  Trust is essential both in praying and in receiving the answers.   If we put our trust in the Lord that He will answer our prayers we are PROMISED that He will answer them.
I am so grateful for prayer and the role that it plays in my life.  I am so grateful that my father in heaven trusts me enough to answer my prayers.
After the training, I received a blessing.   A Priesthood blessing is where men who hold the priesthood, or the authority from God to act in His behalf, lay their hands upon your head and through that authority, tell you what Heavenly Father wants you to know.  The priesthood is so very real!  It is what Christ had when He walked the earth and it has been restored to the earth.   I know that the priesthood is real and that blessings work because things were said during that blessing that the person who gave the blessing didn't know I was struggling with.  I know that the words that were spoken were from my loving Father in Heaven.
After that we had 2 girls come to our area who are 17 years old.  They came on this thing called "Called to Serve Mini Missions" where for 3 days they are to live like missionaries and they work with missionaries in teaching and finding people to teach and all kinds of stuff.  It was a really great way for me to see the importance of preparing to serve.  I was also able to strengthen my testimony of why I had decided to serve a mission.
I know I am here for a reason, I know that there is someone that I need to talk with that nobody else can relate to in the way that I can.
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ, the same that was on the earth when Christ himself walked the earth, along with all of the power and authority that Christ had, has been restored to the earth and is in full force today.  I know that there is a prophet that leads and guides the world today if we listen to his words, the words given to him from God himself.  Pray about what I write, don't just read it.  I PROMISE that you will receive an answer as you pray as long as you are willing to act upon the answer you receive.
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