Monday, July 8, 2013

Nauvoo Pageant Is Around the Corner

The Nauvoo Pageant starts tomorrow which is exciting.  We are permitted as missionaries to attend the Pageant  once during our missions so currently I am thinking I want that to be my last summer spent in the field but I am not quite sure yet so only time will tell.  It goes from tomorrow July 9th, to August 13th.
Along with the Pageant comes a lot of great things and a lot of difficult things.
The great things are that it presents more teaching opportunities at times and it's a great way to receive referrals who decide to go down to the Pageant and request a visit from us.
It is a great way for people to learn more about our church and to feel of the spirit of this divine work. 
It is also a great way for people's hearts to be opened and realize that Latter-Day Saints are not just really crazy people who walk around in sets of 2 with a black name tag and white lettering on it while wearing either suits or skirts.  
The mission is changing and the work is hastening.
On Wednesday I was able to sit down and have a one on one interview with my new mission president, President Jensen.  It was great!  He will be a wonderful addition to this mission and I know that he will lead us in the hastening of the work in this mission.
I was also able to talk to my mission president's wife for a while and she is so cute!  She loves hugs and she, or course has been feeling overwhelmed with the changes but I know that she and he will both be blessed.
We found out this week as well that we will most likely be one of the tester missions with the new ipads that will be coming out to the  missions.  They are also looking for housing for more missionaries in our area so that we can have the Church buildings open daily for tours and have a set of missionaries at the church doing tours and online proselyting and then have another set getting people to come to the church for tours and doing what missionaries normally do.  I am really excited for this.  This will be a great way to diminish a lot of the stereotypes that have been formed against our church.  It opens up the doors for people to look around our churches and ask questions.  Whether they want to convert or not it doesnt matter, they can be of any other faith and I for one would love to just answer questions and help them to know what we believe and gain understanding about what they believe.
Now is a time not to fight one religion against another but to unify and bring all of our brothers and sisters unto Christ.  To work together with the common goal of edifying one another.
I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and for His sacrifice for me.  I am grateful that through Him I have the blessing of living again after I die.  I know that Jesus Christ, when He rose from the tomb made it possible for everyone on earth to live again in a resurrected state.  I also know that through His Atonement in Gethsemane I can become clean and that by following His example and not just using grace to save me but to change me I can and will return to live with my Father in Heaven.  I will, on the day of Judgement, stand in front of the Father and say that I have done all that I can and that I have shared the gospel with all those who were willing to hear.  I am a missionary for life.  I don't have to wear a name badge to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I choose to never leave the mission in the mission field but to bring it throughout my entire life  on earth and in the life to come as well.
I love you all!
Hermana Bricker

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