Monday, July 1, 2013

Crazy week!

Hey everyone!  
Things are going well now in regards to some of the issues that were going on in the past.  I don't really want to go into much detail about it but this last week was crazy! Here is a day by day synopsis:
Monday-Tornado Warning goes off.  We spend all of p-day in the library tornado shelter being asked by this lady if we have been saved and have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior.  When we said that we had she then decided to talk about our stance on homosexuals and the Boy Scout program.  We referred her to and she wasn't happy that we had a response.  I kind of think she was just looking for someone to bible bash and since we didn't found some way to walk away.
Tuesday-Went to the doctors and got misdiagnosed.
Wednesday-spent all day in the apartment sick from the misdiagnosis then went to the ER here in town where they said that they didn't see any abnormalities in the x-ray that had been done the day before which is why she had diagnosed me the way she misdiagnosed again!
Thurday-District meeting!  It was great even though I was sick.  I got a blessing that I thought was really interesting.  It didn't say I would be healed or the pain would subside but instead it said that the pain I was feeling would be a blessing for others in the future as I shared my message about what happened.  Maybe the misdiagnosis were to meet people that otherwise might not have been open to talking to a missionary.
Friday- Went to the ER in Iowa City.  After 7 hours there they finally diagnosed me correctly.  Don't worry, I am fine and will not be dying anytime soon.  I got to talk to a lot of different people through the process though.
After we got back from the ER we had the opportunity to go clean the Nauvoo Temple!!!  :)  I am so happy about this!  We got to clean the tower that is right under neath the Angel Moroni and I learned a lot of really cool facts about the temple.  I also got to kill a bunch of spiders that were up in the rafters.  I don't deal with spiders very well but I think now I am one step closer to getting over my fear.
Saturday- Trek Fest!  Star Trek people.. feel free to be jealous.. Riverside is the future birthplace of Captain Kirk.  Each year they do this huge 2 day convention and one of the members invited us to come to it.  People dress up and there are talent shows and a lot of different people to talk to.  It was really great!
Sunday-I got to translate the sacrament meeting into spanish... It was really difficult and interesting but I did it and I was told by one of the members who speaks both spanish and english that I did a good job with the translation.
Anyway, that was my week and it has been crazy!
I am so happy that the week is over.  Also, we got a new mission president on Saturday and  he wants to interview me on Wednesday after our Zone meeting.  I'm really excited!
Hermana Bricker

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