Monday, May 20, 2013


Many miracles took place this week. The sad thing is, most of them I can't put in here because they contain a lot of personal details but the power of prayer works.  For those of you who were't aware, I was able to attend the Nauvoo Temple this past Saturday and it was amazing!!!  I was able to do a session at the temple(for those of you who aren't familiar with this term, I am not completely sure how to describe it or what I feel comfortable putting online so I recommend asking your local bishop or branch president aka leader of the local LDS chapel or a friend who is strong in the church).  Normally when you are going because it is a recent converts first time (my companion's recent converts first time going to the temple)  you simply assist in the baptistry area however because the 4 sisters who are serving in Ottumwa also had a recent convert there my companion paired up with another sister so they could help in the baptistry and I was able to go on temporary exchanges with another sister and do a session.  I needed that so badly!  Heavenly Father knew that I needed it and He made it possible.  When my companion told me that the mission president had called and allowed it I almost burst into tears.  
Near the end of the session I was sitting and pondering about when the next time I would have the opportunity to enter the temple would be.  I began to get sad thinking about it but then a feeling a peace came over me as my heart was touched by the spirit.  I know that as long as I continue to be a consecrated, dedicated, and obedient missionary no matter where I stand, I will be standing in holy places and can have the same feelings that I have in the temple.
As I relayed this experience to my companion we came up with an idea to rearrange our apartment.  We will make so that one room is set aside to be like our temple room.  It will be where we go to study and it will be free from distractions and the only things in it will be inspiring gospel related pictures and our desks as well as study materials like preach my gospel or the scriptures.  It will not be a place where any clutter will be.  It will be decorated similar to the temple and it will be our escape, it will be our consecrated room that will help us remain focused and receive more guidance from the spirit even during times when we aren't allowed to attend the temple.
Last night we experience our first Tornado Watch.  The weather has been crazy and a tornado was expected to come through the area.  The sky looked crazy and I honestly got rather scared.  The tornado didn't end up touching down in Iowa at all, it touched down in Oaklahoma but the weather was really scary.  We had everything ready in a to go bag just in case we needed it.  The tornado season is upon us and I am grateful for the service opportunities it will present.  I know that obedience is key to being safe in storms like these and that the Lord will protect me and my companion as well as other missionaries as long as they are doing things according to His will and timing.
I love you all and I know that prayer works.  I know that anything can be overcome through prayer, faith, and reliance on the Lord. Temples are amazing and are places in which revelation and other gifts of the spirit are magnified.  Obedience is key to safety through the storms of the adversary.  I also know that Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ know us all individually on a personal level.  They know each and every one of us and they know our needs and our desires.  Often times, all we need to do is ask and act in faith in order to receive the desires of our heart.  I know that if it is a righteous desire and itis in God's plan and timing we will be granted the desires of our heart and that sometimes when you don't know you need something, whether is be a trial or a gift Heavenly Father knows that it is needed and He will grant it to you for your growth and perfection in order to come closer to Him and eventually be clean and worthy to return to live with Him.
I love you!
Hermana Madison Bricker

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