Monday, April 22, 2013

Last MTC Update

I ship out to Iowa this Wednesday so this will be my last update while at the MTC.  It has been a great experience full of so many changes.  I am grateful for this opportunity to have spent 6 full weeks here with the wonderful people that I have met.  The moment I got my travel plans things started to not seem real once again and now that tomorrow will be me very last day it really feels unreal.
     Don't get me wrong, I am extremely excited to start yet another chapter in my life, but with new chapters come more uncertainty and more worries as well. 
I know that although there are worries and uncertainties all will work out the way that it should as long as I am doing what I should be doing and I am following the will of God.
I love this opportunity that I have had to be a missionary thus far and I feel extremely blessed to be able to share the things that I have learned over my life and specifically the past 6 weeks with others who haven't had the chance to hear about it.
For those of you starting a new chapter in your life, here is some advice:
1. PRAY, communicate with your Father in Heaven.  He wants to hear from you.
2. TRUST the answers that you receive from prayer
3. ACT on the answers that you receive, in faith and all will be taken care of, you WILL be blessed.
4. REMEMBER that the Atonement of Jesus Christ was not only infinite, but it was INTIMATE He atoned for YOU individually.

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