Monday, April 29, 2013

First Week In Iowa

I am in a place called Washington Iowa.  It is a large area but the town that I'm living in, Washington itself, is rather small.  The work here definitely needs improvement.  We currently have one investigator that will hopefully be baptized sometime in May and that is ALL.
We will be going out finding a lot more often because we need more investigators.  Our mission has a goal for this  year to get 550 baptisms, last year's goal was 400 so this is a big jump but more missionaries are coming and the work is hastening.  
Yesterday we went finding for a bit and we came across this family of 9.  We talked to the mother and of her 7 daughters 5 of them are 8 or older so 7 of the 9 are eligible age wise for baptism (In the LDS Church you can't get baptized until you are at least 8 years old).  She said that she has been looking for a church for a while now and that she grew up Baptist but didn't call herself Baptist because she got baptized at 6 and didn't really even know what she was doing so she is having all of her children not get baptized until they can explain why they need to be.  (Can you say Golden Investigator?)  She has had a Jehovah's Witness friend come over to teach her for the past little while so that will be interesting but she said that she is sick of people saying they believe in one thing and then going around and doing  another.  She said that she is completely sick of hypocrites and that she wants to find somewhere where what they believe is actually something that they act on.  She thinks that it is pointless to say that you believe and then go do something wrong just because Christ suffered for your sins but that when you do something wrong you should feel sorry for it and try to fix it and not just say that you are sorry for it.  So she understands that repentance requires action and that people aren't perfect and that repentance is necessary.  I'm really excited for her and I think that she definitely has found something without realizing it yet.
Also, she speaks spanish and so do her children.  They also speak English so there will be no language barrier which is awesome.
Today is our first preparation day which is why I am able to email.  We come and email at the library and they we have to go shopping and wash our car and write letters and what not.  I am really excited to be in this area and I know that they are many people here who have been prepared to hear our message.
Love you!
Hermana Bricker

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