Thursday, April 11, 2013

Experience a Change!

Conversion=change of state
There is an experience from yesterday that i want to share with you.
"The MTC is a very interesting place. it is a place for conversion or change. It is also a very difficult place. Opposition is everywhere and doubt is placed into your mind all the time. Thoughs of "'am i good enough or do i mess up too much, can i do this'' pop into your head all the time. often times i find myself comaring my inability with other abilities and that is definitely not the right thing to do. comparisons can be great except when you are comparing ability to speak the language, utfits, body types, testimonies or actions. its really easy to be judgemental on things. when you are put under stress its really easy to turn in and focus on yourself rather than on others. today in class we talked about our testimonies and about conversion. the question was posed "what do I know to be true by the power of the Holy Ghost?" this is our testimony. Elder Bednar said that knowing what is true is testimony but consistently being true to what you knwo is conversion. I want everyone to write down what you know to be true. Write down your testimony. Write it often because it is always changing. after you write it down, think of how you are living your testimony. are you lving it? are you only living parts of it? then write downa goal for only one part of our testmony and how you can more fully live that part fo rth enext week. each week take anothe piece and add onto it. Beliefs are great, they are the start of knowledge, there are a lot of things that i believe that i dont know to be true yet. i am working on that and the way you can know it to be true is by applying it to your life, by testing it out. exspeience it. think about what you beleive and put that belief inot action so that you can change that belief into a truth."
doing this is so cool. i have only been doing this for a day but i can already feel myself growing stronger in the subject that i chose. i can already feel myself becoming closer to our Heavenly Father. The spirit is so amazing and everyone, whether they are a member of the LDS church or not can experience it. Some people call it a consious, some people call it a Jimmeny Cricket but I know that it is the Spirit of God, the Light of Christ, the Holy Ghost, The Comforter and the names go on and on. Everyone is entitled to this. The same thing applies for beliefs that aren't necessarily gospel related. It applies to anything and everything. How can you really know something works unless you try it.
Keep your mind and heart open to experience new things and the new things will result in a new you.
Love you!
Love Hermana Bricker

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